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No evidence of following items in Ancient America mentioned in BoM:

Noah’s Arc

Tower of Babel

Calendar from Middle East, 7 day weeks w/day of rest

Steel, metal work, smelting

Wheeled vehicles

Metal swords, breastplates, scimitars (cimiters)


No evidence of:

Millions dying at battle at Hill Cumorah

Plows, specialized farming techniques


Coins (metal)

Oceanic voyages, ship building, sails

Bow and arrow, not in use south of the arctic at that time

Periods of peace and prosperity after Christ’s time

Geography as described in BoM

Middle Eastern heritage (DNA)

Middle Eastern honey bees

Wheat, Barley (except an inedible weed variety)

Linen, silk, silk worms, flax

Donkey, cattle, oxen, horse, pig, elephants

Cumoms and cureloms



White skinned people in any significant numbers



Abrahamic type religion


God of Hebrews, bible, Churches

Gold plates as writing material


No evidence in BoM of following items in Ancient America:

Corn or maize – in many forms including tortillas

Tomatoes, squash, manioc, chile pepper, arrowroot, chiles

Chocolate, lima beans, potatoes, algarrobo, avocado, quinoa, achita, wild rice and canahua for grain substitutes

Domesticated turkeys and ducks

Mamey, white and black zapotes

Chirimoyas, guavas, and custard apples

Honey, mango, manioc opal cactus paddles, the fruit of the prickly pear, the Pitaya cactus, and the maguey agave, seeds of chia, amaranth

Crickets, frogs, other native wildlife and birds

Peccary, armadillo, llama, vicunas, sea mammals

Pemmican spices were very common, not limited to chenopodium, coriander, and sage

Vanilla, onion, milkweed, jerusalem artichoke, american lotus, pumpkin, cottonwood sprouts, breadroot, arrowleaf, bulrush teas from many many sources, sassafras many varieties of beans, berries, nuts not found anywhere else cranberries, peanuts, also in their art: sugars from several varieties of maple

Various fermented alcoholic drinks

Coca leaves chewed with calcium rich rocks to release the alkaloids since 6000 bc