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In August 1833, Aaron Wright, one of Spalding’s neighbors, recalled his memories of Spalding’s Manuscript Found, then added:  “Spalding had many other manuscripts, which I expect to see when Smith translates his other plate” (Howe 1834, p. 283-84). John Miller, an employee and tenant of Spalding’s in 1811, said that Spalding wrote “two or three books or pamphlets on different subjects.” This was confirmed by Rachel Derby, daughter of John Miller, a Spalding employee who lived for a time with the Spalding family. Describing the visit of D. Hurlburt to collect her father’s testimony, Derby said: “Father told him [Hurlburt] that the “Manuscript Found” was not near all of Spaulding’s writings and that probably there would soon be another prophecy out”. Joseph Miller, Spalding’s neighbor in Amity, PA from 1814 to 1816, also declared that “Manuscript Found was not near all of Spalding’s writings.”