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Report of a mid-November 1880 interview with E. D. Howe

New Light on Mormonism (1885) pp. 72-73

On January 22, 1834 Orson Hyde wrote a letter on behalf of the LDS First Presidency to “the Saints in Missouri”:

“The hand of the Lord has thus far been stretched out to protect us. Doctor P. Hurlburt an apostate elder from this church, has been put the state of New York, and gathered up all the ridiculous stories that could be invented, and some affidavits respecting the character of Joseph, and the Smith family, and exhibited them to numerous congregations in Chagrin, Kirtland, Mentor, and Painesville, and fired the minds of the people with much indignation, against Joseph and the church. Hurlburt also made many harsh threats, &c., that he would take the life of Joseph, if he could not destroy Mormonism without. Bro. Joseph took him with a peace warrant and after three days trial, and investigating the merits of our religion, in the town of Painesville, by able attorneys on both sides, he was bound over to the county court. Thus his influence was pretty much destroyed, and since the trial the spirit of hostility seems to be broken down in a good degree, but how long it will continue so, we cannot say.”