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Members of the LDS Church continue today to use pronouns from Early Modern English in their prayers in reference to Diety (“thee, “thy”, “thine”, “thou art”, etc.)

Erin Shalev (2010):

“The language of the King James Bible was as strange and foreign to late eighteenth-century and nineteenth-century Anglophones as it is to twenty first-century English-speakers. The staccato rhythms confined in short and numbered verses, the repetitive use of phrases such as “and it came to pass,” and the use of verbs with suffixes such as “-eth,” had been long gone from the spoken language by the second half of the eighteenth century… American authors and commentators used this ontologically privileged language as a means to establish their claims for truth, as well as their authority and legitimacy in public discourse.” “Written in the Style of Antiquity”: Pseudo-Biblicism and the Early American Republic, 1770-1830., Dec 1, 2010.