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In 1979, Gordon B. Hinkley, a future Mormon Prophet, used BYU text analyses to support Mormon claims for the Book of Mormon:

“I have been fascinated with the recent studies of Dr. Alvin C. Rencher of this campus and Dr. Wayne A. Larsen of the Eyring Research Center on the “wordprints” of different authors in the Book of Mormon… Think of it. They [Larsen et al.,1979]…say: “All of our data point to one almost inescapable conclusion:  No one man wrote the Book of Mormon. It seems impossible that Joseph Smith or any other writer, however brilliant, could have fabricated a work with 24 or more discernible wordprints.” Joseph Smith did not write the Book of Mormon. Rather, “by the gift and power of God” (Book of Mormon, title page) he translated the writings of many authors who wrote at different times and under various circumstances.”

Jockers et al. (2008) provide a review of the work of Rencher and Larsen.