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Naked Truths About Mormonism Vol. I. No. 1. (January, 1888) edited by Arthur B. Deming

“I heard Hurlbut lecture in the Presbyterian Church in Kirtland. He said he would, and he did prove that the “Book of Mormon” was founded on a fiction called “Manuscript Found,” written by Solomon Spaulding, at Conneaut, Ohio, in the early part of the century. He said Spaulding was consumptive and could not work, and wrote stories to procure a living. He said he had seen Mrs. Spaulding, and she said a good share of the “Book of Mormon” was the same as “Manuscript Found,” which was written by her husband, Solomon Spaulding. Spaulding’s brother asked him, as he was an educated man, why he wrote in old style. He said his title was “Manuscript Found” and therefore he wrote it in old style. Hurlbut said Spaulding tried to obtain money to pay for printing it. While traveling he slept in the woods nights, took cold and finally died. Sydney Rigdon stole the copy left with the printer in Pittsburgh. Hurlbut had a copy of Spauldings Manuscript Found with him. He and others spoke three hours. Hurlbut read Hale’s letter in the lecture.

…This statement was read to me and my daughter before being signed. I heard Hurlbut lecture before, and after he saw Spaulding’s widow.”


Witnessed by:
  A. B. Deming
Chester, Geauga County, Ohio

(published 1888)

Jacob Sherman (Kirtland, 1885):

“I removed from Oneida County, N.Y., to Kirtland, O., and bought a farm near Squire Dowen, my brother-in-law, in 1833. Myself and wife attended Hurlbut’s lecture on Mormonism at the Presbyterian Church at the Center. He said he had been to New York and obtained a copy of the fiction written by Solomon Spaulding called “Manuscript Found.” He read from it and the same from the “Book of Mormon,” the historical part of which he said was taken from Spaulding’s “Manuscript Found.”

Martin Harris got up and contradicted something Hurlbut said. Another man arose and said he knew Hurlbut was right.”