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During their late 1825 relocation from Pittsburgh to Bainbridge, the Rigdon family stopped at Warren, Ohio, where the family of Phebe Rigdon (Sidney’s wife) lived. Phebe’s sister, Amarilla Brooks (Dunlap) later described her 1826 visit to the family of her sister in Bainbridge (Phebe then had three children; Amarilla may have been visiting to help her with them):

“When I was quite a child I visited Mr. Rigdon’s family, He married my aunt. They at that time lived in Bainbridge, Ohio. During my visit Mr. Rigdon went to his bedroom and took from a trunk, which he kept locked, a certain manuscript. He came out into the other room, and seated himself by the fireplace and commenced reading it. His wife at that moment came into the room and exclaimed “What! You’re studying that thing again?” or something to that effect. She then added “I mean to burn that paper.” He said “No, indeed, you will not. This will be a great thing some day.” Whenever he was reading this he was so completely occupied that he seemed entirely unconscious of anything passing around him.”