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Mormonism Unvailed (1834):

“We have been credibly informed that he [Rigdon] was on terms of intimacy with Lambdin, being seen frequently in his shop. Rigdon resided in Pittsburgh about three years, and during the whole of that time, as he has since frequently asserted, abandoned preaching and all other employment, for the purpose of studying the bible…We therefore, must hold out Sidney Rigdon to the world as being the original “author and proprietor” of the whole Mormon conspiracy, until further light is elicited upon the lost writings of Solomon Spalding. ”

Nov. 12, 1878 Samuel Williams Letter Theodore Albert Schroeder Papers: Box 2, folder 1.,  Wisconsin State Historical Society Library, Madison, WI Partial CatalogTheodore A. Schroeder Papers

 “Rigdon was in Pittsburgh in 1824 with Mr. Brooks had a tannery for a short time.  They did not succeed and Rigdon was intimate with Engles and all of the old residenters knew of the printing office in which he was forman. And Mr. Patterson wished to be understood that Engles had the care of various Manuscripts that came to the office, not that Engles handed to Rigdon other Manuscripts.  Mr. P. simply certifies that he supposed that Engles had returned it to Mr. Spaulding.”