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Winter’s stepson, Rev. Bonsall, remembered his comments. He said:

“Rigdon had shown him (Winter) the Spalding manuscript romance, purporting to be the history of the American Indians, which manuscript he (Rigdon) had received from the printers.”

Mary W. Irvine, Winter’s daughter, confirmed her stepbrother’s report, adding that her father frequently repeated his sentiments:

“I have frequently heard my father (Dr. Winter) speak of Rigdon having Spaulding’s manuscript, and that he had gotten it from the printers to read it as a curiosity; as such he showed it to my father; and that at that time Rigdon had no intention of making the use of it that he afterwards did; for father always said Rigdon helped Smith in his scheme by revising and making the Mormon Bible out of Rev. Spaulding’s manuscript.”

Further confirmation of Winter’s statement (unknown author, 1864):

“…a Mr. Spaulding, a Presbyterian minister, residing at Conneaut in Ohio. Mr. Spaulding wrote what he called a religious novel, after the style of the Bible, and put it into Mr. Patterson’s hands for publication. Mr. Patterson places it in the hands of Mr. Stiles, to read and decide whether it would pay to publish it. Mr. Stiles intrusts the reading to Rigdon, who remarked to Mr. Winter, from whom I have the facts, while reading it, “I have a smart book in hand.”

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