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Wayne Cowdrey, Howard A. David, and Arthur Vanick.  2005. Who Really Wrote The Book of Mormon? The Spalding Enigma, St. Louis. Page 172.

In an affidavit, dated 21 July 1887, Lorenzo Saunders (a Smith family friend), made the following sworn statement sealed before Justice of the Peace Linus S. Parmalee of Reading, Michigan:

“I lived within one mile of Joseph Smith at the time said Joseph Smith claimed that he found the ‘tablets’ on which the ‘Book of Mormon’ was revealed. . . .

. . .[I]n March of 1827, on or about the 15th of said month, I went to the house of Joseph Smith for the purpose of getting some maple sugar to eat . . ..

[A]t a distance of 10 or 12 rods from the house there were five men that were engaged in talking, four of whom I knew, the fifth one was better dressed than the rest of those whom I was acquainted with.

I inquired of Harrison Smith, who the stranger was. He informed me his name was Sidney Rigdon with whom I afterwards became acquainted and found to be Sidney Rigdon. . . .”

Naked Truths About Mormonism Vol. I. No. 1. (January 1888) edited by Arthur B. Deming

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