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Alvin Smith, Joseph’s oldest brother who died in 1823, also traveled west. Dr. John Stafford recalled that “A son, Alvin, went out West in search of wealth, but was unsuccessful and in a short time returned.” Alvin’s whereabouts are unknown for the period May, 1818 to April, 1820.

Dale Broadhurst has noted that:

“as to the destination of Alvin’s reported journey, one choice then open to him would have been to join the annual migration of Ontario county families to northeastern Ohio. Before 1830 a significant number of these Ontario Co. pioneers had settled on newly cleared farms in Auburn twp., Geauga Co., Ohio, including George Antisdale, Roger Antisdale and Isaac Butts, who settled there in 1817-18. The Antisdales had occupied on the next farm west of the Joseph Smith, Sr. family, in northeastern corner of Farmington township, and some members of the family continued to reside there until late in the 19th century.”