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Sibly’s New and Complete Illustration of the Occult Sciences… Sibly describes Pah-li-Pah as “one of the celestial powers”. Pah-li-Pah is the second of seven angels of ceremonial magic. The reverse side of the “Saint Peter Bind Them” parchment has a complex symbol for Nal-gah, the third angel of ceremonial magic (Sibly, pp. 1093-95). Nal-gah is associated with those “assaulted by evil spirits or witches” (Ibid., p. 1094).

Saint Peter Bind Them contains the magic symbol for Pah-li-Pah, the second pf seven angels in ceremonial magic. If invoked properly, Pah-li-Pah helped find buried treasure for the parchment’s owner. The reverse side contains the inscription for Nalgah, the third angel in ceremonial magic, “devoted to the protection of those who are assaulted by evil spirits or witches, and those whose mind are sunk in fear and melancholy apprehensions of the assaults of the devil”. 53 pg. 90, One Nation Under Gods.

All these items, except the pouch, were inscribed with not only magical symbols, and incantations, but also with astrological markings. As it turns out the Smith, as well as many other early Mormon families were entrenched in astrology–so much so that Smith chose to organize his church on April 6,1830, a day known as the beneficial “DAY-FATALITY” in folk belief, which in 1830 coincided with a particularly positive alignment of Jupiter and the sun. pg. 90, One Nation Under Gods Oliver Cowdery, received a revelation about his gift. 47 pg. 89, One Nation Under Gods.