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Micahel Quinn:

“While the Smith family’s belief in astrology can be demonstrated only circumstantially and inferentially, the Smiths left direct evidence of their practice of ritual magic. In addition to the magic dagger, among Hyrum Smith’s possessions at his death were three parchments — lamens, in occult terms — inscribed with signs and names of ceremonial magic… Like the dagger, photographs of these magic parchments have been in print since 1982 (de Hoyos 1982, 4-22; Tanner and Tanner 1982a, 1-3; Tanner and Tanner 1983, 6-9; Salt Lake Tribune, 24 Aug. 1985, B-1)…The dagger may have belonged originally to Joseph Smith, Sr., and the parchments may be artifacts from the time of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon.”

Early Mormonism and the Magic World View, pages 53-58, 69 [2nd Ed. pages 66-73, 85]  On pages 78-79 [2nd Ed., pages 98, 103, 104].