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Episode 05

In 1844, Alexander Campbell realized that fellow preachers Scott and Bentley were wrong to think that the Book of Mormon did not contain the Scott conversion sequence:

“Brethren Scott and Bentley are both mistaken as to the fact of baptism for the remission of sins not having been found in the Book of Mormon.” Campbell then added that this “…shows how easily men may reason wrong [they had used an incorrect assumption to conclude that Rigdon spoke to them about a book about to come forth in 1827] from false facts, or from assumed premises.” Campbell then concluded:  “But that Sidney Rigdon had a hand in the manufacture of the religious part of the Book of Mormon is clearly established from this fact, and from other expressions in that book, as certainly “stolen” from our brethren as that he once was amongst them.”

Alexander Campbell. Vol. I. Bethany, VA. January, 1844. No. I. Mistakes Touching The Book of Mormon. From the Evangelist. p. 40