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Episode 05

Documentation for the statement that Smith used the seer stone but not the “interpreters” after the lost pages incident:

William E. McLellan to Joseph Smith III, from Independence, Mo, Sept. 8, 1872:

“The Plates and gift of translation were returned to him [Smith], but not the Interpreters. He translated the entire book of Mormon by the use of a little stone he had in his possession before he obtained the plates.”

In an 1885 interview, Zenas H. Gurley editor of the RLDS Saints’ Herald, asked Whitmer if Joseph had used his “Peep stone” to do the translation. Whitmer responded:

“.. The “Interpreters” were taken from Joseph after he allowed Martin Harris to carry away the 116 pages of Ms [manuscript] of the Book of Mormon as a punishment, but he was allowed to go on and translate by use of a “Seers stone” which he had, and which he placed in a hat into which he buried his face, stating to me and others that the original character appeared upon parchment and under it the translation in English.”