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Dr. Storm Rosa, a leading physician of Ohio, in, a letter to the Rev. John Hall of Ashtabula, written in 1841, said:

“In the early part of the year 1830 I was in company with Sidney Rigdon, and rode with him on horseback for a few miles…. He remarked to me that it was time for a new religion to spring up; that mankind  were all right and ready for it.”

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The True Origin of the Book of Mormon by Charles Augustus Shook

“Dr. Rosa supplies a number of links for the chain that connects Sidney Rigdon with the Mormon fraud. In the first place, the foregoing conversation occurred, according to Rosa, in May or June of 1830, which was about six months before Rigdon openly united with the Mormons. In the second place, Rigdon told him that a new religion was about to make its appearance, which shows that he had some anticipations along that line, hence that he must have kept informed of the movements of Smith. And, in the third, Rigdon declared that he thought of leaving Pennsylvania and of being gone some months, probably to confer with Smith in regard to the launching of the new ecclesiastical craft…”