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Almon B. Green, a preacher in the Christian Reformation movement, said:

“In the annual meeting of the Mahoning Association held in Austintown in August, 1830, about two months before Sidney Rigdon’s professed conversion to Mormonism, Rigdon preached Saturday afternoon. He had much to say about a full and complete restoration of the ancient gospel. He spoke in his flowing style of what the Disciples had accomplished, but contended that we had not accomplished a complete restoration of the Apostolic Christianity. He contended such restoration must include community of goods — holding all in common stock, and a restoration of the spiritual gifts of the apostolic age.  He promised that although we had not come up to the apostolic plan in full yet as we were improving God would soon give us a new and fuller revelation of his will. After the Book of Mormon had been read by many who heard Rigdon on that occasion, they were perfectly satisfied that Rigdon knew all about that book when he preached that discourse. Rigdon’s sermon was most thoroughly refuted by Bro. Cambell, which very much offended Rigdon”.

“This [Alexander Campbell’s denunciation of Rigdon’s plan] put an end to it. Rigdon finding himself foiled in his cherished purpose of ingrafting on the reformation his new community scheme, went away from the meeting at its close, chafed and chagrined, and never met with the Disciples in a general meeting afterward. On his way he stopped at Bro. Austin’s, in Warren, to whom he vented his spleen, saying; “I have done as much in this reformation as Campbell or Scott, and yet they get all the honor of it!”

 From the Braden-Kelly Debate


From Mrs. Eri M. Dille’s memories of her father’s description of Rigdon:

“In the autumn of 1830 Sidney Rigdon held a meeting in the Baptist meeting-house on Euclid Creek. I was sick and did not attend the meeting, but my father repeatedly remarked while it was in progress that he was afraid that Rigdon was about to leave the Disciples for he was continually telling of what marvelous things he had seen in the heavens and of wonderful things about to happen and his talks indicated that he would leave the Disciples.”