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Note the absence of phrases from Mosiah (already dictated) and Moroni.

BC 4 specifies that Joseph is to “translate a few more pages” and then stop for a season. By the end of March, 1829 – Smith had likely completed translation of Mosiah, with Emma and Reuben as scribes.


The phrases used in BC 4 come from Book of Mormon chapters attributed to many authors, including Spalding. This suggests Smith composed BC 4 using phrases from text then in his possession.

BoM chapter attributions for unique phrases in BC 4:

Rigdon  – 45%.

Spalding – 22%

Cowdery –9%

Smith – 9%

Pratt – 13%

Chapter attributions for BoM overall minus Bible:

Rigdon  – 33%

Spalding – 35%

Cowdery – 13%

Smith – 10%

Pratt – 10%

In Rigdon’s later-period revelations in the Post Collection stored at the University of Utah, Rigdon uses the phrase “mighty prayer” 2 times, “gotten”  5 times, “wo” 11 times, “establish my” 1 time, “all manner of” 2 times, and “manifestations” 1 time.