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1. A-prefixing on –ing participials.  Example:  …and he came a-runnin’ down there and… Reference:  Wolfram and Christian (1976); Christian, Wolfram, Dube (1988)

2. No –ly on adverbs.  Examples:  He explained it real simple.

3. Subject-Verb nonconcord (found in several dialects) Example:  We was, he don’t
. Reference:  Wolfram and Christian (1976)

4. Irregular verbs (found in several dialects)

•Regularization of irregular simple past tense verbs.  Example:  The corn growed real good last year.
 Reference:  Christian, Wolfram and Dube (1988)

•Uninflected simple past. Example:  Finally, she come by here…… Reference:  Christian, Wolfram and Dube (1988)

•Simple past same as past participle. Example:  That’s all I seen of it.  Reference:  Christian, Wolfram, Dube (1988)

5. Completive or non-participial use of done. Example:  I think they done took it. 
Reference:  Christian, Wolfram, Dube (1988)

6. Multiple negation (found in several dialects). Example:  Ain’t never; can’t hardly
Reference:  Wolfram and Christian (1976)

7. Uninflected plural nouns when nouns preceded by measures. Example:  two gallon of water
. Reference:  Wolfram and Christian (1976)

8. Use of “for to” for “to”.  See: