In his book “The Royal Arch of Enoch”, Masonic scholar Robert Sullivan provides the following lines of evidence that Dee had access to a copy of the Book of Enoch:

  • Dee’s séance sessions with use of the “Enochian” language.

  • Dee’s esoteric references to the Book of Enoch.

  • Dee’s ties to Sir Walter Raleigh. In his “History of the World” (1614), Raleigh notes that the Book of Enoch includes a book on Astronomy/Astrology. This is the true of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch (1 Enoch).

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Additional evidence that John Dee had access to 1 Enoch:

Martin Findell, 2007. The “Book of Enoch”, the Angelic Alphabet and the “Real Cabbala” in the Angelic Conferences of John Dee (1527-1608/9). Draft of manuscript published in Henry Sweet Society Bulletin 48 (2007):7-22.


From page 3 of the above reference: “…evidence can be found in a diary entry from 10 April 1586 (Josten, 1965:247-255), written during Dee’s travels on the Continent, when he and Kelley enlisted the angels’ help in avoiding the unwelcome attention of the Catholic authorities.  In a list of notebooks and manuscripts which they were instructed to destroy (some of which were miraculously restored at a later date), Dee mentions one that “contained that wisdom and science, with which Enoch (by God’s will) was imbued” (Josten, 1965:249 – according to Josten, the item in question is Sloane MS. 3189). Later, Dee refers to another document (which he was instructed not to burn), as “a small part of the book of Enoch which Thou [Dee’s unidentified divine interlocutor] hast given me” (Josten, 1965:254). These references imply that Dee did believe that he had in his possession at least a part of the lost Book of Enoch, which can be identified with the angelic book revealed in 1583.”

Guillaume Postel, De Originibus (Basel, 1553), title page 10-11, 59. 72, 100

Dee’s annotated copy of De Originibus: Guillaume Postel De Originibus 54, 59 [Royal College of Physicians (London) D 144/14, 21b.

Marion L. Kuntz., 1981. Guillaume Postel: The Restitution of All Things His Life and Thought.  Spring-Science+Business Media B.V., p. 65

August Imholtz, Jr., 2016.  Scholar, Courier, Magician: the lost library of John Dee.


A modern translation of the Ethiopian Book of Enoch and an image of the original characters is available at:

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Image of Melchiziedek – John Alexander Dowie (1847-1907) claimed to be the “First Apostle of the Lord Jesus Christ”. He is shown here in his robes as Elijah the Restorer, c. 1904. As noted in the following link: “At the height of his power and influence, Dowie was worth several million dollars and claimed 50,000 followers, 6,000 of whom lived in Zion City.”


Image of Bowie as High Priest.

From Wikipedi on Oct 28, 2106:

In Northern America, freemasons until the end of the 18th century performed Royal Arch ceremonies as well as some others that are now more familiarly part of Knights Templar and the Red Cross of Constantine. In Virginia and West Virginia, there is no separate Cryptic Council. The Cryptic Degrees are given under the Royal Arch Chapter.Fredericksburg Lodge in Virginia lists a conferral of the Royal Arch degree on December 22, 1753. There is also a Royal Arch Chapter noted in 1769 in Massachusetts (St. Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter in Boston, then known as Royall Arch Lodge), where the first Knights Templar degree was also conferred. Through a report compiled by the Committee on History and Research appointed by the Grand Chapter of Massachusetts in 1953 and 1954, it was found that St. Andrew’s Royal Arch Chapter was the oldest Chapter in the Western Hemisphere by date of constitution, having been officially constituted April 9, 1769, though the records implied that the Chapter had been working prior to that date, and perhaps as early as 1762. The report also states that it is unknown whether the Fredericksburg Lodge in Virginia conferred only the Royal Arch degree or the entire series of degrees. Pennsylvania, however, claims to have the oldest extant Royal Arch Chapter in the world. Royal Arch Chapter No. 3 (formerly Jerusalem Royal Arch Chapter No. 3, and before that Royal Arch Lodge No. 3) has complete minutes going back as far as December 3, 1767. (The minutes from this date mention approving the minutes from the previous meeting.) This Chapter began meeting under the authority of the Grand Lodge of England (Ancients) and it is believed that the Chapter was constituted around 1758, but this date has yet to be proven. It currently works under a renewed warrant from 1780. The Grand Chapter of Pennsylvania claims to be the first Royal Arch Grand Chapter in North America and was formed on November 23, 1795 by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania.

After the independence of the American Colonies in 1776, Freemasonry in the United States remained relatively little influenced by the rivalry between the “Antients” and “Moderns” in England. In 1797, a group of Royal Arch masons met in Hartford to try to establish some sort of governing body for degrees that were largely conferred in the New England states, which became the Grand Chapter of the Northern States, and later was broken down into the state-by-state Grand Chapter system. This body later became the General Grand Chapter, Royal Arch Masons International.