Oliver, G. (1823) The Antiquities of Freemasonry. London: G. and W. B. Whittaker.

“The degeneracy of mankind increasing, Enoch exhorted them to turn from their unrighteous ways, and imitate the purity of their forefathers. He pressed upon them the nature of their obligations; he reiterated their duty to God and man; but the fascinations of pleasure had so intoxicated their senses, that the sober admonitions of reason and duty were little regarded. He therefore called a special assembly of Masons in whom he could confide, and in the presence of Adam, Seth, Jared his father, and Methusaleh his son, he enumerated the accumulating wickedness of man, and the enormous evils which were desolating the earth; and implored their advice and assistance in stemming the torrent of impiety which threatened a universal corruption. It was here Adam communicated that terrible prophecy, that all mankind, except a few just persons, should so far swerve from their allegiance to God, as to cause the destruction of all created things by water and fire.”