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“About two hundred men, women and children, of the deluded followers of Jo Smith’s Bible speculation, have arrived on our coast during the last week, from the State of New York, and are about seating themselves down upon the “promised land” in this county. It is surely a melancholy comment upon human nature to see so many people at this enlightened age of the world, truckling along at the car of a miserable impostor, submitting themselves, both soul and body, to his spiritual and temporal mandates, without a murmur, or presuming to question that it is all a command direct from Heaven. Such an abject slavery of the mind may endure for a season; but in due time, like the chains of Popery, the links which bind them will be rent asunder, and reason resume again her empire.”  

Painesville Telegraph. Vol.II, No. 48. May 17, 1831