The central idea of the entire system of Freemasonry became the “loss” and the “recovery” of the “Word”, symbolizing death and the resurrection, the ending of the present and the beginning of the future life.

The student of Freemasonry must admit that “The Word” is the central point around which the entire system of the Masonic symbolism must revolve. “Its possession is the consummation of all Masonic knowledge; when lost its recovery is the soul’s object of symbolic labor.”

Mackey says: “No event it the history of Speculative Freemasonry had so important an influence upon its development as a system of symbolism as the invention of the Royal Arch Degree and its introduction into the Masonic Ritual.”

… It necessarily followed that when the legend of Hiram became a part of the ritual of this degree the “loss” of the “Word” followed, as the “loss” is a part of Hiramic legend. But the “loss” without a “recovery” would be an absurdity; to complete the symbolism of Freemasonry, the “Word” must be recovered, hence the necessity for a Fourth Degree, the Royal Arch..

The Necessity of the Royal Arch.